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At Caps Guns and Wild West we are always on the hunt for new collectable Cap Guns and memorabilia. Maybe you have you have tried to sell on Ebay but gets removed due to restrictions or violations of Ebay's advertsing policy. We have noticied that a few of our customers have had this problem trying to sell their own memorablia on Ebay and therefore we can offer an alternative - offer it to us!


If you have something which you would like to sell, please send us an email with as much information as possible, including how much you want for your item and most importantly the following:


  • Make/Model

  • Colour

  • Photos (More than 2)

  • General Condition

  • Any rust

  • cracks in plastic

  • trigger faults

  • paint damage or wear

  • loose or disconnected parts/attachments

  • barrel

  • Boxed

  • Box Condition (colouration, liquid spills, wears, tears)

  • Extras such as caps, replica bullets, holsters


Please include as much information as possible along with anything else which may not be on the list above and email us at: [email protected]





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